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Bear Braumoeller

  • International Relations
  • Political Methodology

Professor Braumoeller has research and teaching interests in a variety of areas, including international relations, international security, political methodology, and international history. They include the sources of war and conflict, international relations theory (in particular, systemic theories of international relations), econometrics (tailoring statistical methods to fit the particular needs of students of world politics), and the diplomatic history of the Great Powers. His work has been published in journals such as the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, International Organization, Political Analysis, and International Studies Quarterly; he is now or has been a member of the Editorial Boards of the majority of these journals. His new book, comprising an original systemic theory of international relations, is due out from Cambridge University Press in 2012.

Selected Publications:

2012 (forthcoming). The Great Powers and the International System. New York: Cambridge University Press.

2011 (forthcoming) “Political Irrelevance, Democracy, and the Limits of Militarized Conflict” (with Austin Carson). Journal of Conflict Resolution.

2010. “The Myth of American Isolationism.” Foreign Policy Analysis 6(4): 349-371.

2008. “Systemic Politics and the Origins of Great Power Conflict.” American Political Science Review 102(1): 77-93.

2006. “Explaining Variance: Or, Stuck in a Moment We Can’t Get Out Of,” Political Analysis 14(3): 268-290.

2004. “Hypothesis Testing and Multiplicative Interaction Terms.” International Organization 58(4): 807-820.

2003. “Causal Complexity and the Study of Politics.” Political Analysis 11(3): 209-233.

2000. “The Methodology of Necessary Conditions” (with Gary Goertz). American Journal of Political Science 44(4): 844-858.

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